"First of all, Rupert is fun to work with! He was always flexible and accommodated our last-minute changes mid-way through our kitchen remodel, not to mention letting us throw in a spontaneous bathtub re-grout. He even showed up to work on Thanksgiving day, as well as many days during the treacherous driving conditions of 'Arctic Blast 2008'. He was speedy, efficient and punctual and I would highly recommend him to anybody for excellent work and a great attitude. Hint: He responds especially well to hot tea and vintage British Pop music."

-West Hills Housewife/International Performing Artist

To Whom It May Concern:

I can strongly recommend Rupert Smith and Empire. I've seen several rooms created by Rupert's work, such as custom bathrooms with sunken tubs or extra roomy showers, and heated bathroom floors. Exquisite tiling and stonework are always present in the finished products, and useability and comfort are definite long term after effects for the home.

Mr. Smith also has the happy quality of being diligent and is a thorough, hard worker. He shows up the day work is to begin and seems to not stop working until the job is done. He is the most honest workman I personally have met in many years.

I will be happy to confirm this reference to anyone who wishes to contact me.


Victoria Anne Taylor